Dedicated Agent CRM

Real estate is a people business. The Hausples customer relationship management (CRM) system ensures your customers receive the service they deserve each and every time.

What is Hausples CRM?

CRMPut simply, Hausples CRM is a digital method of managing the core aspects of your real estate agency’s service delivery to clients. From listing properties, to managing marketing lists and even assigning sales agents to properties, Hausples CRM is a powerful tool for driving increased service and success.

The following are the core features of the Hausples CRM:

  • Capture, manage & track customers: Capture all of your customer details and assign their type (purchaser, vendor, landlord etc.), core sales information (properties viewed, contracts submitted, offers placed) and create alerts, reminders, mailing lists etc.
  • Digital stock list: Upload all property details, from property types (house, land etc.) to a price range, allocated salesperson, action dates (e.g. private sale date), property brochures and more.
  • Team member management: Add, delete and edit team members, grant three access levels and assign listings, customers, and allow them to self manage profile information such as photos, video and testimonials.
  • Powerful sales tools: Automatically generated sales material that will drive your agency to new levels of success. eProperty Alerts, eNewsletters and eBrochures
  • Constant access: Fully cloud based service (login from the web) which is backed-up across multiple servers globally – meaning you and your staff have 24 x 7 x 365 access from anywhere on the planet.
  • Fully secure: Your data is fully secured by the best security standards in the business.

Captured data for your benefit

captured-dataClients are the most important aspect of an agency’s business, yet the capture, storage and management of customer data has long been a challenge for agents. Hausples have solved this paradox with a powerful, yet simple CRM solution that your staff will want to use.

Hausples CRM seamlessly consolidates web-leads, office leads (uploaded via any excel or csv file) and staff leads (from mail programs such as Outlook) into a single database. All of the customer’s data can be stored including:

  • source (website, phone etc.),
  • status (buyer, vendor, potential tenant)
  • contact details (including email addresses)
  • notes (house preferences, birthdays)
  • critical sales information (properties viewed, contracts submitted)
  • relevant sales / rentals consultant
  • And much, much more!

This data can then be sorted, split, allocated and utilised to generate core business data, such as: reports, marketing materials (eMarketing), action lists, and mailing lists. Best of all, this data is securely stored in the cloud and retained for the benefit of your agency, rather than being lost via staff turnover.

Digital listing management

digital-listing-mngAt the core of Hausples CRM is the digital listing management system in which you enter the relevant details for your current property listings.

Whether the property is for sale or rental, private sale or auction, our system allows you to enter as much or as little information as you like.

In addition, you can upload as much sales / supporting material for each property as you like, such as:

  • Sales flyers
  • Floorplans
  • Photos
  • Virtual tours
  • Video
  • PDF documents

All of this information can then be utilised to drive our unique eMarketing system.

Staff management

staff-managementHausples CRM ensures systematic service delivery to your clients by allowing you to assign team members to manage the sale or rental process. You can set action items and milestones to ensure that critical agency processes are completed on time. Three access levels and associated privileges can be set to ensure data integrity and enable staff management.

eMarketing sales tools to drive ROI

eNewsletterHausples understand that simply having customer data is not enough to drive serious ROI, rather it’s what is done with this data that delivers returns. With this in mind Hausples have built a series of powerful, simple and automated eMarketing tools that will engage with your customers and help achieve mores listings, sales, rentals and profit!

Hausples eMarketing templates allow you to create professional, productive email campaigns. Choose featured properties, current listings or sold properties to tailor the message to your client’s stated needs.

eProperty Alerts

eProperty-alertYour clients can choose to specify their property criteria and these are stored and matched against your listings.  Alert emails can then be automatically sent if the client chooses. This significantly improves the quality of communication between you and your clients.  Prospective clients highly value this level of proactive information supply.


Ideal for communicating non-property-listing communication to your customers, eNewsletters allows you to provide a wide range of information easily.  Upcoming events, promotions, success stories or charity events for example are great ways to engage interest with your brand via 21st Century communication capabilities.


eBrochureeBrochures are the perfect way to inform your customers of updates – for example a brand new listing or an update to an individual listing, auction time or price reduction.  Designed to again easily target clients or groups of clients, eBrochures are another powerful tool in your marketing arsenal.

The convenience & security of the Cloud

No hardware, no setup, 24 x 7 x 365 access from anywhere in the world and multiple redundant backups. Sound like a dream? This is the cloud based reality of the Hausples CRM.

convienence&securityCloudOur CRM is accessed via the web from any device, anywhere and your data is secure across multiple data high security centres across the world. Our system saves your agency time, money and stress.

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