Real Estate Website

“Hausples provide custom real estate web solutions that drive tangible results for agents. That’s why we aim to be the preeminent provider of real estate web and mobile sites in PNG.”
– Brian Byer, Director Hausples

  • Stunning designs with a proven user interface that drives customer engagement.
  • Designed exclusively for real estate agents: rental/sales listings & search, property alerts, appraisal forms, newsletters, downloadable tenancy forms, promo videos, property blog and more.
  • It’s your site, you manage it your way: full content management system meaning easy updates at zero cost.
  • Dedicated mobile site (phone and tablet) included at no extra cost.
  • Comprehensive staff training and support so you can quickly and efficiently master your business’ online strategy

How our sites work

  • Step 1 – Choose one of our tested and proven site structures
  • Step 2 – Apply your look with logos colours and pictures
  • Step 3 – Apply your feel by selecting from our site options
  • Step 4 – Staff trained on effective site use
  • PLUS – We build your mobile site as part of this process

Proven site structure

Websites are not pieces of art; they are business tools designed to drive a return on your investment.

Our sites are both attractive and effective:

  • A user interface that encourages interaction with your website, be it downloading a tenancy list or submitting an appraisal request
  • Minimise the workload on your agency by allowing customers to access to commonly requested information quickly and easily
  • Maximise profit by encouraging visitors to become customers by contact your agency
  • Attracting customers from search engines such as Google with powerful built-in search engine optimisation

Two proven site structures to choose from:





ljhooker png



Your look

Once you have chosen your structure we apply your real estate agency’s unique look to deliver a custom result that resonates with your clients.

Your unique:

  • colour scheme
  • logo
  • photos
  • content
  • character


Your feel

No real estate agents are the same and for this reason no Hausples website is the same. We allow you to choose the options features and functionality that suit your business needs.

Plus with our content management system you can adjust, modify and tinker with your site, when you want at zero cost.

Simply choose your preferred features:

  • News content and images
  • Featured listings and all of your property listings
  • Property listings automatically flow to Hausples CRM
  • Video content
  • Contact us, appraisal and alerts forms
  • Automated email alerts sent to customers when news or property listing content is added which matches a subscribers criteria.
  • Load your contacts database and also export that database
  • Automatically generated dowloadable property brochures
  • About You
  • Recent Sales or Rentals
  • Agent profiles
  • Unlimited amount of news and pages
  • Google Analytics integration: measure visitors, bounce-rate, conversion funnels, page activity and more
  • Powerful fully featured blog:
    • Property listings automatically appear in your blog
    • Readers can subscribe to your blog and receive automated alerts
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